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For our small groups – spacious modified trucks.

We regard transport during our highland tours as a big part of the experience. We need to cross rivers and travel the Icelandic dirt tracks to get to places few can. There are plenty of fantastic locations to hike with few tourists or none at all; you just have to be able to get there. Therefore, we need a real 4x4 specially modified vehicle. We aim at small groups for two reasons: The quality of a tour is enhanced because we can connect personally with everyone. And on our modified trucks we can take all kinds of small side roads, dirt roads which often lead to beautiful secret places, impassable for buses.

For safe and comfortable travel throughout the Icelandic highlands, across open rivers, and over wet sand and snow, our modified trucks and are specially licensed for commercial driving.

  • For 4-9 passengers, we have a lifted 38-inch tire Ford Econoline with comfortable captain seats from the front seat to the last row.
  • For 1-3 passengers, we have a lifted 40-inch tire Toyota Landcruiser.